Declan Foster Wins Audi A3 OR £6,000 For FREE!

When Declan Foster from Huddersfield bought himself a handful of tickets on the BMW M3 Competition Draw, he didn’t realise that he’d end up scooping £6,000 in tax free cash completely free of charge!

To further sweeten an already bumper competition, Matt and Sid threw a gorgeous Audi A3 S Line in the mix, for 7 days only, and any tickets bought on the BMW in that 7 day period would land you a FREE ticket to be entered in with a chance of winning the stunning Audi or £6,000 in cash!

When Matt 2.0 and Sid called Declan to tell him he was the lucky winner, he could not believe what he was hearing! As a DJ, and with the majority of students having left for summer, he was venturing off abroad to work for the summer and was worried about having enough money to survive whilst resort hopping across Zante, Ibiza and Magaluf this summer.

With a heavily modified Seat Leon FR already on the driveway, and an impending European DJ adventure looming, Declan sensibly opted to take the £6,000 and he said he could now breathe easy until the student nightlife scene kicked back off in September, but he did say he’d treated his mum to £1,000 of his winnings…Mum Brownie Points earned BIG STYLE 😊❤️

Well done to Declan on his win from all the Team at All Star Prizes, we hope you enjoy your Summer-long party!!

Wanted an iPhone…Won a Motorhome!

Josh Atkinson and his partner, both of Wakefield, had been playing All Star Prizes for a few months and had experienced something of a lucky streak! His partner had won a £5,000 instant win a month previous and then a PS5 a couple of weeks later.

Spotting an iPhone 15 Pro Max in the instant wins on the Motorhome competition, and needing a new phone, Josh went hunting! Buying a few tickets at a time over a period of 2 weeks, Josh’s quest for a win was unfortunately fruitless…Until Matt 2.0 and Sid called Josh on Wednesday night to deliver the news that he was the lucky winner of a Brand New 2024 Plate Motorhome!

Josh had said he’d given up buying a few times, thinking that elusive big win was never going to happen to him, but admits he’s happy All Star Prizes have proved him wrong! The team went down to Josh’s workplace in Ossett to deliver his prize, with all his colleagues and his mum and dad watching on and cheering as he sprayed the bubbly!

Enjoy your Motorhome Josh and congratulations from all the team at All Star Prizes

£10,000 Runner Up Gets The Chip Butties in!

Lisa Caley said she was sweating when she picked the phone up late on a Wednesday night and realised it was Matt 2.0 and Sid calling from All Star Prizes. Knowing the Motorhome draw was taking place she was on tenterhooks wondering what she had won, and the lads were only too happy to tell Lisa that she had won the first runner up prize of £10,000!

After getting over the initial shock, Lisa was ecstatic to have won a life-changing amount of money, and 12 hours later the team were outside Lisa’s workplace, presenting her with a jumbo cheque for a jumbo amount of money! Lisa’s colleagues began the usual line of questioning…”What are you spending the money on, Lisa?”

Before Lisa could even answer, one of her colleagues revealed some of the money was already earmarked for a special treat…Chip Butties for all her colleagues from the local Chippy for dinner 😂

Although the boys were left out of this special, celebratory meal we want to thank Lisa for being a valued player at All Star Prizes, and hope she enjoys spending the £10,000. That will certainly cover a fair few chippy dinners!!

£5,000 Runner Up’s Garden Bar Plans

When Matt 2.0 and Sid called Louise Stringer to tell her she’d won £5,000 as the Second Runner Up on the Motorhome Competition, she initially thought it was a wind up 😂 Once the boys managed to convince Louise that she was in-fact the latest lucky All Star Prizes winner, there was a few expletives, a lot of laughing and a fair few “Oh My God” moments!

When the team visited Louise at her home in Leeds, she told the boys of her grand garden plans. Louise had been wanting to build a Garden Bar for a number of years and unfortunately hadn’t had the funds to make her dream reality. But with her cheque in hand, she got straight online and started making plans for her own little boozy garden getaway.

After a few more “Oh my God’s”, and a lot of smiles and hugs, Louise had the money in her account, less than 12 hours after that life changing phone call. Louise has even kindly invited the team to come and officially christen the bar once her garden renovation is complete…an offer too good to refuse!

Get the beers in Louise…we’ll see you soon! 🍻😊

Sharon McBride Wins £10,000 First Home Deposit Competition

This was a phone call that tugged on the heart strings of the entire All Star Prizes team, as well as everyone watching the live Facebook draw.

Matt and Sid called Sharon McBride of Halifax to inform her of the news that she was the latest big winner at All Star Prizes and an emotional Sharon was overjoyed to finally hear some good news! Sharon’s daughters were also part of the All Star Family, and Sharon’s daughter Atlanta had turbo-texted her lucky Mum before Matt could even dial the number 😂

On the call, Sharon was a little unsure of whether to believe her daughters, but then Matt delivered the news that she was now £10,000 richer! Sharon said that she had been playing since September 2023 and even changed her middle name on her account to AllStar in the hopes it would bring her some extra luck…which appears to have paid off!

Sharon told the boys that she had unfortunately lost her Husband earlier in the year, and had booked a cruise to the Caribbean to scatter some of his ashes, as this was a trip they’d always wanted to take together, and with her bank account now £10,000 healthier she could pay the cruise off in full, and still have money left over to buy some bubbly and raise a toast to her late Husband.

On behalf of the whole All Star Prizes team, and the All Star Family, we hope you and your family thoroughly enjoy your well-deserved getaway to pay tribute to your late Husband, and can begin making lots more happy memories ❤️

Ruth Stanley wins Mercedes GLB OR £18,000

Wednesday 1st of May was always going to be a memorable day for Ruth…its her Birthday! However, the events of her 52nd birthday in 2024 was going to remain long in the memory, as with ticket number 50164 Ruth Stanley bagged herself an unbelievable 2nd place prize in the Two Car Competition and scooped herself a 2022 Plate Mercedes GLB!

When Matt and Sid called Ruth, she hadn’t been watching the live draw, as she had been out for a birthday meal. Once Ruth learned of her win, hysterics ensued, with lots of laughing, and a ginger rendition of Happy Birthday 😂

Ruth had only bought 20 tickets, and was absolutely buzzing to upgrade, as she put it “her little Citroen C1 roller boot”

The boys met Ruth at her workplace in Horbury where she took delivery of her stunning new Mercedes. She told the team that her husband initially wasn’t happy that she had spent £20 on tickets, but he had soon changed his tune after her win!

Happy motoring Ruth! ❤️

Cherish Robinson Wins i30N or £25,000

At all All Star Prizes we loving changing people’s lives on a daily basis, and Cherish Robinson was no exception!

An O.G player of All Star Prizes, Cherish had been playing with us since Day ONE and has remained a loyal member of the All Star Family and would be often watching the live draws every Wednesday, giving Sid and Matt a fair amount of grief in the chat 😂

Cherish always said that if she won a big prize the lads could expect a BIG reaction on the phone, and Cherish did not disappoint! She exclaimed loudly, “I didn’t want to go in to early labour…but OH MY F***ING GOD!” She told Matt and Sid that over her 3 years playing she had won an iPad, a £1,000 cash instant win and a few site credit prizes, but she was content enough to just join in with the live draw every Wednesday night and have a laugh with the All Star Family.

She quickly opted to take the £25,000 which she said would change her life forever. With a baby due any day, and 3 other children to take care of Cherish went down the sensible route and paid off some debts, and treated the kids to some new clothes. She went on to say “Its been like a breath of fresh air not having to worry about the debts, and being able to buy the kids stuff”.

Thank you for being a valued member of the All Star Family, Cherish. We wish you and your ever growing family all the luck in the world ❤️

Craig Richardson Wins Rolex OR £8K

A HUGE congratulations to Craig Richardson who won the Rolex Wimbledon OR £8,000 in cash.

Craig opted for the £8,000 in cash rather than the watch.

The lads Matt and Liam went to visit Craig at work to pay his winnings and take a photo with his giant cheque in front of his colleagues.

Craig said he’s been playing for 3 years and never won anything, this was a great way to start his winning streak!

Congratulations, and enjoy your winnings from all the team at All Star Prizes

Hailey Holmes Takes £42,000

Hailey Holmes was the winner of the beautiful Audi RS3 with ticket number 134794.

The lads Simon and Liam drove down to Hemel Hempstead to deliver the car and take some photos, Hailey then opted to take the £42,000 cash alternative due to the upkeep costs of the RS3 – understandable, and £42,000 is a huge lump sum of money.

Hailey told Simon that she had recently lost a family member and would put the money towards a fantastic send-off to remember. Hailey also told our team that she and her children had never been on a holiday abroad, we hope you make many happy memories using the £42,000.

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