£5,000 Runner Up’s Garden Bar Plans

June 19, 2024 | Posted in Prize Delivery Behind The Scenes Winner

When Matt 2.0 and Sid called Louise Stringer to tell her she’d won £5,000 as the Second Runner Up on the Motorhome Competition, she initially thought it was a wind up 😂 Once the boys managed to convince Louise that she was in-fact the latest lucky All Star Prizes winner, there was a few expletives, a lot of laughing and a fair few “Oh My God” moments!

When the team visited Louise at her home in Leeds, she told the boys of her grand garden plans. Louise had been wanting to build a Garden Bar for a number of years and unfortunately hadn’t had the funds to make her dream reality. But with her cheque in hand, she got straight online and started making plans for her own little boozy garden getaway.

After a few more “Oh my God’s”, and a lot of smiles and hugs, Louise had the money in her account, less than 12 hours after that life changing phone call. Louise has even kindly invited the team to come and officially christen the bar once her garden renovation is complete…an offer too good to refuse!

Get the beers in Louise…we’ll see you soon! 🍻😊

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