£10,000 Runner Up Gets The Chip Butties in!

June 19, 2024 | Posted in Behind The Scenes Winner Prize Delivery

Lisa Caley said she was sweating when she picked the phone up late on a Wednesday night and realised it was Matt 2.0 and Sid calling from All Star Prizes. Knowing the Motorhome draw was taking place she was on tenterhooks wondering what she had won, and the lads were only too happy to tell Lisa that she had won the first runner up prize of £10,000!

After getting over the initial shock, Lisa was ecstatic to have won a life-changing amount of money, and 12 hours later the team were outside Lisa’s workplace, presenting her with a jumbo cheque for a jumbo amount of money! Lisa’s colleagues began the usual line of questioning…”What are you spending the money on, Lisa?”

Before Lisa could even answer, one of her colleagues revealed some of the money was already earmarked for a special treat…Chip Butties for all her colleagues from the local Chippy for dinner 😂

Although the boys were left out of this special, celebratory meal we want to thank Lisa for being a valued player at All Star Prizes, and hope she enjoys spending the £10,000. That will certainly cover a fair few chippy dinners!!

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