Craig Richardson Wins Rolex OR £8K

A HUGE congratulations to Craig Richardson who won the Rolex Wimbledon OR £8,000 in cash.

Craig opted for the £8,000 in cash rather than the watch.

The lads Matt and Liam went to visit Craig at work to pay his winnings and take a photo with his giant cheque in front of his colleagues.

Craig said he’s been playing for 3 years and never won anything, this was a great way to start his winning streak!

Congratulations, and enjoy your winnings from all the team at All Star Prizes

Hailey Holmes Takes £42,000

Hailey Holmes was the winner of the beautiful Audi RS3 with ticket number 134794.

The lads Simon and Liam drove down to Hemel Hempstead to deliver the car and take some photos, Hailey then opted to take the £42,000 cash alternative due to the upkeep costs of the RS3 – understandable, and £42,000 is a huge lump sum of money.

Hailey told Simon that she had recently lost a family member and would put the money towards a fantastic send-off to remember. Hailey also told our team that she and her children had never been on a holiday abroad, we hope you make many happy memories using the £42,000.

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